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The Business Of Community Composting In USA « BioCycle

The Business Of Community Composting In USA « BioCycle | Recycling News Channel | |

"Community-scale composting is often perceived as having limits to its processing capacity, growth, equipment use, etc. Increasingly, however, these composters and collection enterprises have developed innovations to provide their service to as many members of their community that wish to engage with them, no matter the size of that community. This article highlights three innovative companies that have developed tools to enhance their businesses’ ability to service more generators, divert larger quantities of organics, engage more citizens and, overall, help make their communities more resilient."

The Organic Stream's insight:

Interesting to see the many different ways community composters have established themselves, and the innovations taking place - particularly the web-based aps developed by Community Composting in NYC.

(For more on community composting, check out our interview with David Buckel from Added Value Red Hook Community Farm in Brooklyn!)

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State of Composting in the US: by ISLR, BioCycle, and Experts ...

State of Composting in the US: by ISLR, BioCycle, and Experts ... | Recycling News Channel | |
A project that combines thought leaders Brenda Platt (Institute for Local Self-Reliance), Nora Goldstein (BioCycle), Craig Coker (Coker Composting & Consulting) and Sally Brown (University of Washington), the reports profile ...
The Organic Stream's insight:

Important reads, linking soil health to compost.

Links in the page include sneak peeks to the two new reports:

State of Composting in the US: What, Why, Where & How 


Growing Local Fertility: A Guide to Community Composting 

More coverage on the project here.

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