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First Closed-Loop Organics Waste Management System in North America Moves Forward

First Closed-Loop Organics Waste Management System in North America Moves Forward | Recycling News Channel | |
Iris Solutions has been selected by the city of Surrey to build the Surrey Biofuels Processing Facility project in Canada. According to the city, once the biofuel processing facility is operational, Surrey will be home to th...
The Organic Stream's insight:

Promising project underway in Surrey, Canada. Surrey has already set us a curbside organics collection scheme, which has led to a 40% reduction in materials going to landfill.

We're happy to see they will be producing a compost product along with biogas, as sustainable organics recycling must see carbon being returned to the soil.

The economic benefits that Surrey has enjoyed from organic diversion alone are worth mentioning too. Annual savings in Surrey’s waste collection costs are $3 million, and they save $2 million a year from Annual savings from organic versus garbage disposal. (from Department of Surrey Engineering Department's PCP National Measures Report 2012 webinar).

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Canadians waste a lot of food

Canadians waste a lot of food | Recycling News Channel | |
According to the Value Chain Management Centre, Canadians waste an estimated $13.4 billion worth of food yearly.
The Organic Stream's insight:

Once again a big issue here are expiry dates on food and people's confusion over what it means.

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