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Waste Management Perspectives for Egypt

Waste Management Perspectives for Egypt | Recycling News Channel | |
Egypt occupies 7th position in the list of countries with the most mismanaged plastic waste, according to a recent report published in Science magazine. The report was based on data collected in 20...
The Organic Stream's insight:

Great article, focusing strongly on the Zabbaleen and their incredible recycling system. 

"Believing the zabbaleen's system to be backwards and unhygienic, in 2003, the government sold contracts to three multinational companies (and one local company) to collect Cairo's waste, pushing the zabbaleen out of the system. "

The result of this action and the backtracking of the government (who now officially employ the Zabbaleen) is a perfect example of how effective localised door-to-door waste collection can be.

If you're interested in learning more, why not listen to our podcast episode with Mal Williams on his trip to visit the Zabbaleen community in Cairo.

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What the Garbageman Knows

What the Garbageman Knows | Recycling News Channel | |

As Sayyid Ahmed collects trash in Peter Hessler’s Cairo neighborhood, he reveals the contradictions of life in modern Egypt.

The Organic Stream's insight:

Fascinating insight into the world of trash in Egypt, highlighting the unique waste collection system of Cairo, shaped more by tradition than laws or regulations. Chiefly run by the Zabbaleen people of Cairo, the garbage collection and recycling rates were some of the best in the world (up to 80% recycling) until civil unrest began in 2009. Just as Sayyid Ahmed does in this article, the garbage collectors of Cairo go out every day to knock on doors and ask for waste, negotiating their own contracts without the help of government.

Last year we spoke to Malcolm Williams on The Organic Stream about his trip to Cairo to work with the Zabbaleen, and his insight into the incredible workflow of the Zabbaleen, the hardships they’ve endured, and the reasons for their success in maintaining such a great recycling system. Take a listen here!

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