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Indonesia: Recycling for free healthcare

Indonesia: Recycling for free healthcare | Recycling News Channel | |
Healthcare for Indonesia’s 250 million people is a costly expense. However, a new initiative by a young doctor is proving popular in low-income communities. People need to collect non-organic rubbish, which is sold for recycling, or organic waste, which is turned into fertiliser, in exchange for free medical services at certain clinics. The money received goes into a “health…
The Organic Stream's insight:

A report by EuroNews on the award-winning Garbage Clinical Insurance program, founded by 25 year old doctor, Gamal Albinsaid.

A great example of turning waste into resource, and using that resource for social good.

Albinsaid's words from press release on their website:

"Garbage is the best solution, because almost every day , every person , and every home produces waste that is not used . What we do is make people mobilize their resources are wasted and not used , that is garbage, to improve access to health and destroy the barrier or barrier between access to public health."

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Indonesia's poor swap garbage for health care ("why didn't i think of this earlier; great exchange")

A new group of clinics on Indonesia's main island of Java are treating patients for free in exchange for rubbish, an innovative approach to broadening access to healthcare for the poorest as...

Via Bert Guevara
The Organic Stream's insight:

A great example of the many ways we can use "waste" when it is given value and treated as a resource.

Bert Guevara's curator insight, June 16, 2014 1:58 PM

As long as waste has value, it can be used in so many ways like this. Although health centers are free in the Philippines, medicine is not.