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Green horizons: recycling turning new circle in Dubai

Green horizons: recycling turning new circle in Dubai | Recycling News Channel | |
Dubai Municipality to aggressively boost capacity and provide encouragement schemes for recycling
The Organic Stream's insight:

Great information about recycling in Dubai.

"The initiatives are an integral part of the zero-landfill target by the year 2030, which aims to divert virtually all waste from the landfill by then."

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Composting in Qatar

Composting in Qatar | Recycling News Channel | |
Qatar has one of the highest per capita waste generation rates worldwide.
The Organic Stream's insight:

Interesting article on what's going on in Qatar in relation to recycling and organics recycling. Over 90% of waste goes to landfill, while at the same time Qatar has one of the largest composting facilities in the world. There is great potential!

For a little more insight into the state of organics recycling in Qatar, check out our episode of The Organic Stream with Daniel Mitroussidis and his work in helping businesses manage their organic wastes.

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