Well-known proponent of Zero Waste concept to be main speaker at International Zero Waste Youth Congress 2014 to be held in Puerto Rico | Recycling News Channel | OrganicStream.org | Scoop.it

Dr. Paul Connett, a world renowned expert who supports Zero Waste to attain sustainability, will be the main speaker at the International Zero Waste Congress to be held in Puerto Rico from November 17-18 at the Convention Center in Miramar.

Connett has argued in favor of zero waste and has made two presentations on Zero Waste to the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development. He is the author of The Zero Waste Solution: Untrashing the Planet One Community at a Time. The 2013 book includes a forward by the celebrated British actor Jeremy Irons.

“I was very happy to accept this invitation because this issue is all about what kind of world the next generation is going to receive form us.  Because Zero Waste is a Stepping Stone to Sustainability.  I am excited that young people in Puerto Rico are getting involved. Zero Waste is better for the present (more job opportunities) and better for the future (more sustainable) and better for our children because it offers more hope,” said the retired university professor and director of the American Environmental Health Studies Project.  Dr. Connett is a graduate of Cambridge University and has a doctoral degree in chemistry from Dartmouth College.

Salvatore Paolo De Rosa, an Italian political ecologist and activist, will be another of the participants in the Congress.  De Rosa is a doctoral student of the Department of Human Geography at the University of Lund in Sweden and is a member of the Political Ecology ENTITLE network.  He has been active for more than ten years in the struggle for environmental justice in the interminable waste crisis of the Campania region of southern Italy. Currently, he is part of a social movement that opposes a mega-waste incinerator in Acerra (NA), Italy.

The International Zero Waste Youth Congress is the third event of its kind held.  The first two were held in Brazil.  This is a growing international movement among youth.

The Great Waste Crisis

Puerto Rico has a very low recycling rate of approximately 14%. In addition, the president of the Environmental Quality Board, Laura Vélez, recently announced the agency will initiate efforts to shut down 21 of the 29 landfills operating in Puerto Rico.

“We need to see solid residues as a resource that can generate jobs and economic opportunities if we know how to process them.  We cannot continue to bury or burn opportunities for our economy,” said Jessica Seiglie, the main organizer of the Congress and winner of the video contest of the International Zero Waste Congress held in Florianopolis, Brazil in 2012.

For more information on the Congress, please visit: www.basuraceropr.org/congreso or https://facebook.com/BasuraCero/.