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More communication needed on recycling | Resource Magazine

More communication needed on recycling | Resource Magazine | Recycling News Channel | |
Around a quarter of UK householders are ‘highly effective’ recyclers but the majority are still confused over what can and cannot be recycled, a new WRAP report has found.
The Organic Stream's insight:

Very interesting article exploring the behaviours of residents when it comes to recycling - and the findings clearly demonstrate the need for communication as a significant proportion of residents were unsure or not at all confident about what they can recycle (79% unsure whether food waste could be recycled!).

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EXCESS NYC: ArtSpace, New Haven, CT

EXCESS NYC: ArtSpace, New Haven, CT | Recycling News Channel | |

Why don't you compost? 
EXCESS NYC (Brooke Singer + Ricardo Miranda Zuñiga) with Brad Armstrong at Vagaries of the Commons ArtSpace, New Haven, July 25 - September 13, 2014
Poster Design by Jerome Harris 
Installation photos of ExcessNYC at Artspace.

The Organic Stream's insight:

Interesting artistic piece that dispels the myths and arguments against composting - a great example of how art and activism can be combined to help support #composting and turn the naysayers around.

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