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Community composting in Hernani, Gipuzkoa: less costs, more recycling, more education

The Organic Stream's insight:

Great video!

ZWE's curator insight, February 27, 2015 4:44 AM

Great video from Hernani in which you can see how cheap, simple solutions save costs and emissions and educate citizens at same time!!

Austin Business Diverts Food Scraps to Organic Gardens by Bicycle ("shades of bgy sun valley model")

Austin Business Diverts Food Scraps to Organic Gardens by Bicycle ("shades of bgy sun valley model") | Recycling News Channel | |
One Austin company is thinking outside the trash can, diverting more than 100 tons of food scraps to community gardens – by bicycle.

East Side Compost Pedallers diverts biodegradable waste that would otherwise end up in the landfill to local organic gardens and farmers to become nutrient-rich compost. Their business has grown by 10 percent since July.

By pedaling “scrapple” (their term for compostable food scraps) on custom-fit bikes, the riders for East Side Compost Pedallers get an amazing work-out, and help the environment, all while promoting food sustainability. It’s a win-win-win scenario.

Residents pay only $4 a week to have their ‘scrapple’ picked up and diverted to where it can do some good. The company has only seven cyclists at the moment, but plans to grow as demand continues to increase. They may be aided by the fact that Austin, Texas, unlike many other U.S. cities, has a small compost pilot program available to residents of some neighborhoods.

Seed sovereignty and food sustainability are key issues in the GMO-tainted world, and businesses like this one turn biotech’s claim that we can’t feed our growing populations without their toxic products on its head.

Via Bert Guevara
The Organic Stream's insight:

Great example of compost collection scheme that keeps things local and sustainable.

Local programs can help foster environmental stewardship in communities, educate people in the importance of recycling organics, decrease traffic on roads and therefore air pollution and greenhouse gas emmisions. WHat's not to like about this scenario?

For more thoughts on why composting should stay local, listen to our special on community composting in NYC!

Bert Guevara's curator insight, October 21, 2014 9:38 PM

Small strides in the right long-range direction.

"Worldwatch Institute also says that world hunger is best solved by small-scale agriculture, not the industrial agricultural model we’ve all been finagled into. Bye-Bye GMO. Hello organic composting (from recycled food scraps!) and non-GMO seeds."!

NYC: Reaching True Sustainability With Community Composting

NYC: Reaching True Sustainability With Community Composting | Recycling News Channel | |
Episode 21: Focusing on community composting in New York City with David Buckel, exploring how it can educate the public about sustainability, how it fits into a larger organics recycling system, and the challenges and opportunities composters face.
The Organic Stream's insight:

The new season of The Organic Stream is out! In this episode, we take a detailed look at the growing community composting movement in New York City with David Buckel of Added Value Red Hook Community Farms in Brooklyn. He tells us about the integral role community composting plays in the city, calling on policy makers to commit to a sustainable vision that includes community composting and ensure against the dangers of friction between community composting and curbside collection schemes.

Thank you to ORBIS for making this episode possible.

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The Business Of Community Composting In USA « BioCycle

The Business Of Community Composting In USA « BioCycle | Recycling News Channel | |

"Community-scale composting is often perceived as having limits to its processing capacity, growth, equipment use, etc. Increasingly, however, these composters and collection enterprises have developed innovations to provide their service to as many members of their community that wish to engage with them, no matter the size of that community. This article highlights three innovative companies that have developed tools to enhance their businesses’ ability to service more generators, divert larger quantities of organics, engage more citizens and, overall, help make their communities more resilient."

The Organic Stream's insight:

Interesting to see the many different ways community composters have established themselves, and the innovations taking place - particularly the web-based aps developed by Community Composting in NYC.

(For more on community composting, check out our interview with David Buckel from Added Value Red Hook Community Farm in Brooklyn!)

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A new business makes composting convenient - New Paltz Times

A new business makes composting convenient - New Paltz Times | Recycling News Channel | |
New Paltz Times A new business makes composting convenient New Paltz Times Or is there another step in the process — table-to-farm, so to speak — where the remains of dinner are taken back to the farm to be composted and turned into soil in order...
The Organic Stream's insight:

It's great to see a successful business model for small-scale composting - even in its early stages. Charging a fee of 20 USD a month for residential collection is a bit of an ask, but owner Eileen Banrya hopes people will see the value of composting their food scraps rather than throwing into a landfill.

In a similar vein, from our conversation with long-time community composter David Buckel in NYC, it seems that there are more and more people thinking of ways to turn small-scale composting programs into a business to become self-sustaining and create jobs for the local community.

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