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Healthy vineyards grow more than grapes

Healthy vineyards grow more than grapes | Recycling News Channel | |

What helps to absorb greenhouse gases, extend the life of farmland and keep soil moist in times of drought? At one of the Napa Valley’s most famed wineries, growers turn their eyes downward for their answer – toward the humble-looking, easy-to-miss plants between the rows of grapevines.

The Organic Stream's insight:

Cover crops and compost are sure-fire ways to support soils and improve olive growth! (what's not to like about that?).

For a more detailed understanding, listen to viticulturists Bob Schaffer and Bob Cannard explain how cover crops have transformed their vineyards on Episode 16 of our podcast).

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Cover crops can sequester soil organic carbon

Cover crops can sequester soil organic carbon | Recycling News Channel | |
A 12-year study shows that, although the use of cover crops does not improve crop yields, the practice does increase the amount of sequestered soil organic carbon using three different soil management systems.
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