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Pesticides more toxic for soil organisms in dry soil, at enhanced temperatures

Pesticides more toxic for soil organisms in dry soil, at enhanced temperatures | Recycling News Channel | |
Soil organisms react more sensitive to marketable pesticides when exposed in dry soil and at enhanced temperatures. Both conditions may occur more often in the future due to climate change. Singularly and combined these factors lower the toxicity threshold of fungicides for springtails.
The Organic Stream's insight:

Another important signal that using compost on soil in dry areas (prone to drought) provides greater benefits and less risk to soil (and therefore plant life).

Compost and mulching are both essential for dryer climates. Why not take a listen to agronomists Bob Shaffer and Stephen Andrews as they take us through the best practices for using mulch and composted mulch on your dry soils?

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Parties file suit over recycling contract in Indianapolis

Parties file suit over recycling contract in Indianapolis | Recycling News Channel | |

"RockTenn, a Norcross, Georgia-based papermaking and recycling company; Graphic Packaging Corp. (GPC), a Chicago-based papermaker; and Cathy Weinmann, a resident of Indianapolis, have filed a suit against the city of Indianapolis’ Public Works Department over its award of a large contract to the waste and recycling firm Covanta. The contract calls for Covanta, Morristown, New Jersey, to build and operate a large mixed waste processing facility in the city adjacent to Covanta’s existing waste-to-energy (WTE) plant."

The Organic Stream's insight:

"Other opponents of the contract say Covanta will focus its efforts on using the material collected from the city for its WTE facility, causing fewer recyclables to reach end markets. Additionally, opponents say the collection and processing of recyclables mixed with waste will result in lower quality material, ultimately making potentially recyclable material only usable for the WTE plant."

This is a step backwards for Indianapolis. Collecting mixed waste to be fed into a Waste To Energy incineration facility destroys the hard work already done to promote separate collection and support true sustainability. 

Covanta are also constructing the controversial WTE incinerator in Dublin, Ireland, that local councillors and residents have been campaigning against for years.

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