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Indonesia: Recycling for free healthcare

Indonesia: Recycling for free healthcare | Recycling News Channel | |
Healthcare for Indonesia’s 250 million people is a costly expense. However, a new initiative by a young doctor is proving popular in low-income communities. People need to collect non-organic rubbish, which is sold for recycling, or organic waste, which is turned into fertiliser, in exchange for free medical services at certain clinics. The money received goes into a “health…
The Organic Stream's insight:

A report by EuroNews on the award-winning Garbage Clinical Insurance program, founded by 25 year old doctor, Gamal Albinsaid.

A great example of turning waste into resource, and using that resource for social good.

Albinsaid's words from press release on their website:

"Garbage is the best solution, because almost every day , every person , and every home produces waste that is not used . What we do is make people mobilize their resources are wasted and not used , that is garbage, to improve access to health and destroy the barrier or barrier between access to public health."

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New study on public opinion of PAYT systems indicates a high level of resident satisfaction with the schemes.

New study on public opinion of PAYT systems indicates a high level of resident satisfaction with the schemes. | Recycling News Channel | |

"For years, cities and towns that have considered adopting pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) to address the rising cost of solid waste disposal have needed to do so with little or no information on what people really think about the programs.

As with any public issue, many residents have questions, and sometimes a few vocal residents speak out against the program. However, it is not clear how many people those opponents actually represent. Conversely, it has been hard ..."

The Organic Stream's insight:

This study provides clear and concrete evidence that people are on the whole supportive of PAYT systems. Most interestingly, 80% of residents in the lowest income brackets see it as very or somewhat favourable, indicating support for the scheme from all sections of society.


This should encourage local governments and municipal leaders to start implementing PAYT schemes!

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What the Garbageman Knows

What the Garbageman Knows | Recycling News Channel | |

As Sayyid Ahmed collects trash in Peter Hessler’s Cairo neighborhood, he reveals the contradictions of life in modern Egypt.

The Organic Stream's insight:

Fascinating insight into the world of trash in Egypt, highlighting the unique waste collection system of Cairo, shaped more by tradition than laws or regulations. Chiefly run by the Zabbaleen people of Cairo, the garbage collection and recycling rates were some of the best in the world (up to 80% recycling) until civil unrest began in 2009. Just as Sayyid Ahmed does in this article, the garbage collectors of Cairo go out every day to knock on doors and ask for waste, negotiating their own contracts without the help of government.

Last year we spoke to Malcolm Williams on The Organic Stream about his trip to Cairo to work with the Zabbaleen, and his insight into the incredible workflow of the Zabbaleen, the hardships they’ve endured, and the reasons for their success in maintaining such a great recycling system. Take a listen here!

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