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Landmark Plastic Bag Ban Officially On Hold

Landmark Plastic Bag Ban Officially On Hold | Recycling News Channel | |
The nation’s first statewide ban on single-use plastic bags will not go into effect this summer after all. The California secretary of state’s office announced Tuesday that a referendum to overturn the measure has qualified for the Novemb...
The Organic Stream's insight:

 “Every poll shows that Californians strongly support the law, and the $30 million to $50 million it will cost the plastics industry to launch a full-fledged campaign in 2016 will be proven to be an act of political malpractice, particularly since nearly half the state will no longer have plastic bags by election day.”

People are in favour of a ban and are aware of the dangers of plastic for our environment. The plastics industry are swimming against the tide!

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California lawmakers put an end to plastic-bag litter

California lawmakers put an end to plastic-bag litter | Recycling News Channel | |
California's Legislature is finally taking a good idea statewide. A ban on throwaway plastic bags that foul waterways and beaches, clog sewers, and litter the landscape is about to become law from the Oregon border to Mexico.

It's about time. Some 150 communities, including nearly all of the Bay Area, have banned the flimsy but everlasting plastic bags in recent years, with San Francisco becoming the first in 2007. After two years of debating and bargaining, both houses of the Legislature have finally agreed on phasing out the throwaway sacks.
As common as local bag bans are, the state-level action almost didn't happen.
The Organic Stream's insight:

More great news from California on banning plastic bags!

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