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San Francisco Stalls In Its Attempt To Go Trash-Free

San Francisco Stalls In Its Attempt To Go Trash-Free | Recycling News Channel | |
San Francisco has gotten kudos from the global press for its efforts to eliminate waste. Mayor Ed Lee has boasted that his city diverts a greater percentage of its waste from the landfill than any ...
The Organic Stream's insight:

San Francisco has achieved great successes throughout their journey and are now facing a stumbling block. While there is an important discussion to be had about what categories should be counted in order to give a true comparison between communities, creating an environment of competition and pressure to out-perform other cities can potentially damage the great work being done.


There is also a distinction to be made here between constructive criticism and negative press, which only seeks to add controversy where there should be solidarity and support on our (sometimes rocky) road to zero waste.

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Recology CleanScapes opens new MRF

Recology CleanScapes opens new MRF | Recycling News Channel | |
Bulk Handling Systems designed the Seattle facility.
The Organic Stream's insight:

"Bulk Handling Systems (BHS), based in Eugene, Oregon, designed, manufactured and installed the MRF system, which is capable of processing more than 90,000 tons of recyclables per year. The MRF includes a range of equipment from BHS, including screening systems and air and optical devices."

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