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EU needs resource management, not waste management | The Parliament Magazine

EU needs resource management, not waste management | The Parliament Magazine | Recycling News Channel | |

ZWE's curator insight, November 25, 2014 5:09 AM

Eco-design should not be restricted to the narrow prism of production and lifetime energy consumption. It needs to evolve into smart design, making it possible to perform simple repairs while using up less energy and achieving product reuse in a simpler and more energy efficient way, ultimately leading to lower power consumption in the recycling process.!

UNEP to Companies: Report Plastic Use · Environmental Management & Energy News · Environmental Leader

UNEP to Companies: Report Plastic Use · Environmental Management & Energy News · Environmental Leader | Recycling News Channel | |

"The total natural capital cost of plastic in the consumer goods industry is more than $75 billion per year, according to research released today by the Plastic Disclosure Project, the UN Environment Programme and natural capital analysts Trucost.

The cost comes from a range of environmental impacts including the harm done by plastic litter to wildlife in the ocean and the loss of resources when plastic waste is sent to landfill rather than being recycled."

The Organic Stream's insight:

Report shows that levels of disclosure on plastic is very low. While there is currently no correlation between disclosure rates and amount of plastic used, it is safe to say that measuring plastic use will enable companies to manage this usage more effectively, and create possibilities in reducing plastic use.

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Indonesia's poor swap garbage for health care ("why didn't i think of this earlier; great exchange")

A new group of clinics on Indonesia's main island of Java are treating patients for free in exchange for rubbish, an innovative approach to broadening access to healthcare for the poorest as...

Via Bert Guevara
The Organic Stream's insight:

A great example of the many ways we can use "waste" when it is given value and treated as a resource.

Bert Guevara's curator insight, June 16, 2014 1:58 PM

As long as waste has value, it can be used in so many ways like this. Although health centers are free in the Philippines, medicine is not.!

MIT Study into Curbside Collection of Organics - describes conditions needed for success

The Organic Stream's insight:

An in-depth analysis into what makes an organics curbside collection scheme work and why, taking a close look at case studies and outlines the steps needed to take to get started on designing the system.

Importantly, this study highlights the value of first setting up pilot programs to test various systems and to build a case for expansion, also giving examples of when (and why) these pilot schemes failed (skewed participation by allowing residents to sign up on a first-come, first serve basis, or lack of advertisement of the scheme, for example).

The study also reports that support from mayors, city council members and policymakers is vital to provide the leverage needed by waste managers in implementing and maintaining the system - which we completely agree with!

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"Incineration is a completely outdated technology, we should go for a zero waste society" French ENVI minister Ségolène Royale

Au lendemain de l'abandon de l'écotaxe, au profit d'un nouveau système, la ministre de l'Écologie, du Développement durable et de l’Énergie est l'invitée de la matinale. Elle répond aux questions de Patrick Cohen et à celles des auditeurs.

The Organic Stream's insight:

Things are changing in France! Last week, French Environment Minister Ségolène Royale called for 10 cities to engage in Zero Waste, and stated that incineration is an old model that should no longer be used. She also referred to the circular economy, arguing that the waste could be a resource material.

This is a huge step forward and taking such a clear position on the issue marks a dramatic shift in thinking, and it remains to be seen how it will unfold.

Nevertheless. as a country with large amounts of incineration plants, the Ministers' words should cause those who still consider incineration as a suitable solution to waste to think twice.

ZWE's curator insight, June 24, 2014 5:55 AM

Great news coming from France, one of the countries with more incinerators in Europe and in the world!

If France is serious about walking the Zero Waste path it will be a significant change in the field of resource management.

However, the French model of previous years based on big-scale mechanical biological treatment should also be revisited in favour of high quality separate collection at source and product and process redesign.!

Rotting respect: Vermont preps for mandatory composting

Rotting respect: Vermont preps for mandatory composting | Recycling News Channel | |
Vermonters redouble efforts to meet legal guidelines for food leftovers (@DonlonSW Cool!
The Organic Stream's insight:

Vermont now has until 2020 to divert all food scraps from landfills, which is a great step in the right direction. Particularly important in the article is this paragraph:

"When it comes to discussions of excess edibles, the ANR eschews the W-word, preferring "food recovery."

The distinction is an important one, said Josh Kelly, an analyst and planner with the agency: Waste disposal of the out-of-sight/out-of-mind variety has been found to exact too great a cost to human society, and to the rest of the planet."

Shifting from a language of "waste" to "resource" is a fundamental step to achieving our goals. We also touch on this topic in Lesson 1 of our online course

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