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Study finds tremendous energy potential from municipal waste

Study finds tremendous energy potential from municipal waste | Recycling News Channel | |
Landfilled waste could provide 12 percent of U.S. power needs, according to Columbia University report.
The Organic Stream's insight:

Find the study here.

Worrying that in this article there is such a strong focus on waste-to-energy - of plastics especially. This may keep materials out of landfills and produce energy, but does not represent true sustainability.

Waste to energy facilities may not always be the most suitable place for materials to go. Organic waste, for example, would serve us much better if it was composted and the valuable nutrients returned to the soil. Too strong a focus on energy production could lead to unsustainable policy and practices - it is not always the best solution.

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MIT Study into Curbside Collection of Organics - describes conditions needed for success

The Organic Stream's insight:

An in-depth analysis into what makes an organics curbside collection scheme work and why, taking a close look at case studies and outlines the steps needed to take to get started on designing the system.

Importantly, this study highlights the value of first setting up pilot programs to test various systems and to build a case for expansion, also giving examples of when (and why) these pilot schemes failed (skewed participation by allowing residents to sign up on a first-come, first serve basis, or lack of advertisement of the scheme, for example).

The study also reports that support from mayors, city council members and policymakers is vital to provide the leverage needed by waste managers in implementing and maintaining the system - which we completely agree with!

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