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Healthy vineyards grow more than grapes

Healthy vineyards grow more than grapes | Recycling News Channel | |

What helps to absorb greenhouse gases, extend the life of farmland and keep soil moist in times of drought? At one of the Napa Valley’s most famed wineries, growers turn their eyes downward for their answer – toward the humble-looking, easy-to-miss plants between the rows of grapevines.

The Organic Stream's insight:

Cover crops and compost are sure-fire ways to support soils and improve olive growth! (what's not to like about that?).

For a more detailed understanding, listen to viticulturists Bob Schaffer and Bob Cannard explain how cover crops have transformed their vineyards on Episode 16 of our podcast).

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Outsmarting the drought - Sustainable Agri-Management Practices

Outsmarting the drought - Sustainable Agri-Management Practices | Recycling News Channel | |
Despite no rainfall the first four months of Shahar Caspi’s second season of raising food for his neighbors, water usage dropped 30 percent and yields increased. So, how does he do it?
The Organic Stream's insight:

It is inspiring to see more proof of how using compost, manures, mulches and cover crops can dramatically improve soils and crops, and make them drought-resistant. Shahar Caspi has decreased water usage despite the lack of rainfall, and in this article he emphasises the need to respect and save as much water as we can.

Cover crops especially are becoming more and more popular as we learn about their water saving and soil-improving benefits.  We recently invited two experienced farmers and viticulturalists onto our weekly podcast to tell us all about their successful use of cover crops on their vineyards .  You can listen to the interview here.

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